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Noticanarias. 10/10/2011

Spain exported to Croatia its experience in Tourism House A consortium of three companies rehabilitate Spanish villas and boutique hotels in Dubrovnik Summer and Zagorije castles. The club quality Rusticae charming hotels, Lanzarote and Study Transmadrid signed the first contract with the city of Drubrovnik for implementation of the plan for the creation of a chain through rehabilitation and cultural restoration of historic buildings in the city. The Framework Plan for the creation of these hotels is intended to introduce...


EXPANSION. 18/01/2011

“The centrality of Barcelona and Tarragona exceeds that of Madrid” The architect Ángel García Puertas (Palencia, 1962), which owns five hotel estrellasMasPassamaner inthe Jungle Camp (Costa Dorada) has promoted the business club mpBTC (More PassamanerBusiness & Talk Club). to discuss hot topics with representatives of southern Catalonia mundoempresarial, comoAntoni Pont of Borges. The forum will hold lectures on “the future, hot and tricky” after which listeners and speakers will share tapasyconversación. Why has mounted a clubdenegociosenunaépocapocoboyante? Maybe that’s why. It...