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The draft rehabilitation works are not rigid in its constitution. The type of building, its past use, its new use, its materials, its historical value, the mixture of traditional materials with the latest, the application of new technologies, necessary to seek the best solution in each case.

However, despite the customization of each study itself can define a working methodology we follow to deal with the strongest possible guarantees every project that we care:


        1. To receive information from the original building and subsequently has undergone modifications to the current state.
        2. Specification of the rehabilitation of the building for new use with the above considerations.
        3. Development of curative therapy for any damage caused to the building and the technical definition of restructuring or new construction.
        4. Structural study of the building:  inspections and tastings to diagnose disease processes that may occur. Numerical calculation of the current structure and its modifications.


The rich architectural heritage of our country forces us to realize what we have been passed and we require a respectful attitude towards those works worthy to be preserved over time. The fundamental way that has been constructed any building is to be used. When a building damaged by the passage of time and the frequent reproach of poor maintenance, rehabilitation is to be inhabited again adapted to the requirements of the moment without depriving it of its character, is returned to him and his surroundings a sense of pride.

In Studio Lanzarote we have to recognize the weakness of it we have this type of work since the work is always fully invested them rewarding. We are fortunate that many years from now customers trust us to rehabilitate their projects propiedades.Los rehabilitation works are not rigid in its constitution.