Although the architecture reflects the beauty of the buildings and creates spaces for the activity itself which is used in a useful and comfortable, the facilities are the real engine. Every day we use them for our comfort or to carry out economic activity in our business. A poorly designed or maintained facility generates high economic costs and often does not guarantee the purpose for which it was made.

That is why our engineering department’s priority is customer satisfaction, offering individualized designs and features from the safety of buildings there are not two equal or two clients are alike.

Our experience in different sectors such as construction, hospitality, commercial and industrial, where we develop the following types of facilities projects:

:: Medium Voltage Lines and Transformer.

:: Low Voltage Electrical Installations.

: Thermal Facilities: Air Conditioning, Heating and DHW

:: Renewable Energy: Solar (thermal and photovoltaic), geothermal, wind, CHP and microgeneration.

:: Fire Protection Facilities.

:: Plant Fuel: Gas, Diesel, Biomass.

:: Water Supply and Sanitation.

:: Urban infrastructure facilities (development projects).