La Vanguardia. 08/10/2010

Club business and entrepreneurial creativity
Mass Passamaner Business Club & Talk (mpBTC) was created as a club of business, private, and has the support of the four chambers of commerce and Gressol Foundation. The presentation was given by Ferdinand Fisas business consultant, who explained that the club will be a space for debate where business will promote “the spread and creation of synergies.”
The initiative is structured around Mas Passamaner, which has designed a space for activities around a new square meters of flooring that allows the public to 360. The club will promote activities of three formats: Touch Talk, future perspectives and creativity and strategy.
The board is made up of the owner of Mas Passamaner, Angel Garcia Puertas, Artemi Weaver, Anthony Bridge, Urban Rifaterra Manel Sanromà, robert Moragues, Rodrigo Fernandez and the presidents of the four chambers of commerce.
The first Touch Talk will be paid by the candidates for president of the Government and by the end of November the expected visit of Javier Solana, the EU representative praises.

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