Space Design

When you enter a space in our senses gather information that local plans and immediately within us begin to generate feelings that respond to these stimuli. A place can make us feel pleasantly surprised, comfortable, happy, relaxed … or just the opposite. Create the effect to be achieved in people is something of an art. And intimate … Each job is unique and exclusive, requires special pampering can only be transmitted when conocimiento.El combine imagination and interior requires not only knowledge of the classical techniques, but the market analysis we constantly flooded with new materials and technologies that offer different solutions and multifarious complement existing range of possibilities.

In summum integral seek harmony Design each project without identifying with any particular stylistic trend. We propose the most appropriate options in each case looking for the symbiosis between the essence of each space and the people who inhabit them. Lighting prime spaces where consistency, personality and attention to detail.


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Small, secluded, intimate detail. Avant-garde, classical, reminiscent of colonial and eclectic with a touch of minimalism fleeing prevailing official to make them unique, really. Each with a unique story, different, emanating from its walls.


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If Salutem Per Acqua is the highest governing these spaces, from Summum Design we want health to penetrate through all the senses. Impregnated places of calm, luminosodad, magic and technology.


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Spaces designed to enhance an impeccable culinary culture. Architecture and decoration which will further enhance the culinary efforts made ​​in each of the kitchens.


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A large space is one that provides consistency and continuity between exterior and interior. Design conceived Summum integral spaces where the gardens and have outdoor facilities as important as the rest of the project.

Other spaces

Both public and private shops, boutiques, showrooms, offices … where what matters is that they are original and daring without losing functionality. <Places where each intervention is a challenge.