TantoEstudio Lanzarote SL is an architectural and engineering for years specialized in integrated projects of hotels. In our profession we have always been sensitive to energy saving and energy efficiency, rather than a current fad but from the deep belief that the words effectiveness, efficiency and savings are necessarily linked to any proposed architecture is designed to be exploited as a business.

Our designs incorporate those technologies that are feasible, result in the profitability of our customers, because we understand that saving and efficiency are only meaningful when they guarantee the same level of benefits.

No doubt society has awakened from its slumber and decidedly marked a way forward in a context of environmental sustainability. In Studio Lanzarote we put our expertise at your disposal, and be his traveling companion in the road ahead, with a firm commitment to realize energy efficiency in return for your business.

A powerful tool to determine the current state of development, energy efficiency measure, and determine in an objective manner the improvement actions is to conduct an energy audit.