As stated in The Law of Construction Planning (LOE): “… the building sector is one of the main economic sectors with obvious repercussions for the whole society and cultural values ​​inherent architectural heritage .. .. society demands more and more the quality of the buildings …. in any case, the process of building, due to its direct impact on the configuration space, always involves a commitment to functionality, economy, environmental harmony and balance obvious relevance from the standpoint of general interest. ”

We fully agree with the assertions of the LOE and consistently moved to our understanding of architecture and design.

Study Lanzarote, backed by its experience in this field offers his services for the conduct of preliminary, basic design and implementation projects, as well as Project Management comprehensively (architects, surveyors and engineers) of all types of building:

:: Hotels: Resorts

:: Public Buildings

:: Commercial Buildings

:: Hospitals and Health Centres

:: Buildings and Housing Complex

:: Single Family

:: Restorations